Note to self: If I ever do achieve my goal of a small adobe house with a courtyard covered in bouganvillea and home to hummingbirds, I will be content. I do not covet expensive cars, I don’t wear a watch, I would never waste good gardening acreage with a swimming pool, and while I am grudgingly willing to admit that there may come a day when I have to get one of those obnoxious Blackberry things as a function of my continued existence in whatever the hell industry I wind up in, I will fight it tooth, claw, nail, and bazooka.

But a nice big walk-in shower would be great. (I’m not a huge fan of baths, actually, but staying with the CCH here has made me a convert to the Church of the Big Shower.)

And one of those faucets that shoot steaming hot water. Those are pretty cheap to install, my grandmother had one, and damnit, I forgot how often a compulsive tea drinker uses those things.

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