This took two days, and I was pleased with it. One of the more ambitious scenes I’ve tried in acrylic, and my first try at painting gravel in that medium.

And of course, you need the description!

The griffin knew that the mouse was blind, and thus had no idea that he was having tea with an enormous monster that, despite the foreparts of a dodo, nevertheless posessed a carnivorous feline stomach. But it’s lonely being a monster, particularly when your front half is extinct, and so he pretended to be a much smaller creature, and drank tea very cautiously out of the mouse-sized teacups, and kept his voice down to a whisper whenever he visited the mouse.

The mouse was, indeed, blind (being descended from one of a moderately famous trio) but was also nobody’s fool, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with his hearing. The griffin’s breathing couldn’t come from anything smaller than a bull elk. He occasionally wondered if he should offer his guest a bigger teacup (or possibly a barrel) but figured that if the griffin wasn’t going to say anything about it, neither was he.

Acrylic, 16 x 20, for sale as always. Went out today and bought more clayboard. I was down to two pieces! MADNESS! God, I love that stuff…

In other news, computer is choking to death. It would appear my power supply is going the way of the non-griffin dodo. James promises to pick up a new one–hopefully that’ll be the problem, and not the motherboard. Good thing I backed everything up last week…

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