Having a sort of leisurely weekend. James has been working like a fiend–he had a deadline tonight–and is wandering around muttering about getting his levels under memory budget and other arcana. And yesterday he had to spend several hours taking my computer apart, putting it back together, getting a blue screen, cursing, and taking it apart again. I will not comment further for fear of jinxing the fragile functionality he won at such great personal cost.

Painting. Will refrain from telling people what I’m painting, again for fear of jinxing. You’ll see it soon enough if it works. Nothing terribly complicated, just a portrait-style, one main figure posed. But as usually happens, as soon as I started painting, his story started showing up in my head, and I realized immediately that I would have to do ANOTHER painting to illustrate it. Oh, well.

Keeping an eye out for Lumpy the squirrel. Mostly I want to point him out to James. James is seriously grossed out by the idea of squirrel bot flies, much more than I am, which is kind’ve nice, because he’s always so calm about the wigglers when I’m levitating in mid-air by sheer force of disgust. The last time I saw Lumpy, he appeared to have a dark spot in the middle of the growth, although whether it’s a wound or a bot-fly butt, only Lumpy knows for sure.

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