While I realize that accounts of magnetic-poetry-like spam recieved is by now trite, I was nevertheless impressed by this peculiar vignette at the bottom of an ad for Soma muscle relaxants from Canada* :

4The Vegetable Kingdom After the Wizard had wiped the dampness from his
sword and taken it apart and put the pieces into their leathern case again,
the man with the star ordered some of his people to carry the two halves of
the Sorcerer to the public gardens

What an odd thing to put in spam. I’m sure it’s just to circumvent some filter or other, and yet, I am intrigued by what sort of public gardens these are that one can dump hemicorpectomied bodies there.

*Soma, as many anthropology majors who did a lot of drugs know, is a divine hallucinogen from India, widely believed to be derived from fly agaric mushrooms. The easiest way to concentrate it for maximum potency is to drink it. And then…drink it again. And again.** After a few runs through t’old urinary tract, it’s potent enough to make you see god. However, I have already met a god on drugs, and while he was a pleasant sort, I would require a lot more incentive before drinking recycled Canadian urine.

**Kids, don’t try this at home.

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