Disdainful Turtle

We have new stuff! There is a new KUEC up! In it, we explore what happens when Pocky meets mac & cheese. I have tasted things, man. THINGS.

Also, I will be at the Cary Barnes & Noble this Friday at 7, to do a little reading and sign Dragonbreath. The timing is somewhat ironic, because Book 5 comes out NEXT week, but hopefully it’ll all work out for the best. Come on out! Save me from an audience entirely full of children, who will not get half of my jokes and will bite me on the ankles if sufficiently bored! Thrills! Chills! Assorted ills!

Finally, have a judgmental turtle.

5 x 5 mixed media on board. Judgmental Turtle saw what you did. Yes, he did. He prefers not to speak of it, but he saw.

3 thoughts on “Disdainful Turtle

  1. E.D. Walker says:

    Will there be prints of Judgmental Turtle?

    I kind of want to hang this over my desk. Maybe Judgmental Turtle giving me the Stink Eye every day would be a great motivator not to slack off.

  2. Toasty_Mallow says:

    Maybe I should put it on top of my computer so the people sneaking up from behind me will think twice before dumping more work on my desk

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