And there was much rejoicing!

Kevin got a job!

It’s local, it looks awesome, only thing is that he has to fly to Seattle for three weeks of training pretty much immediately. I am going to try and go out for a week, both to see Seattle (where I haven’t been in a dog’s age) and to get some serious distraction-free writing time in, which will hopefully allow me to get Regency Ninja significantly underway. (Yes, my agent likes it, yes, I’m writing it, no, I know absolutely nothing more beyond that.)

Meanwhile, have some art! I was in the mood to do small, brightly colored portraits of random animals.

I am a rooster. Rar.

6 x 6, mixed media. Kevin described this one as “The colors say that he’s at a rave, but the expression says that he’s a cop.”

Original is for sale, prints available!

I was pretty pleased with how the wool came out.

Meanwhile, Kevin felt this one said “I have wool. But first, listen to this Bauhaus album!” Me, I just liked the wool. (Although it’s weird how the black lines came out oddly dark–the light of the scanner bounced differently off the black ink than it does off the rest of the paper, so they’re peculiarly stark on the scan.

6 x 6, mixed media. Both of these are on cradled clayboard, so they’re ready to hang as is. Prints of Goth Sheep available!

Now I think I’m gonna curl up with some wine and Okamiden.


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