Like Stuffed Potato Chips!

Once you start drawing weird little stuffed animals, apparently it’s really hard to stop. My sketchbook has gone in a somewhat disturbing direction.

5 x 7 mixed media on hotpress watercolor paper

And of course, since I’ll be bringing this one and others to the cons, do I get the desire to draw stuffed animals of species that people actually BUY at cons? Are there bunnies, foxes, stuffed snow leopards, plush hedgehogs?

No. Of course not! There are goats and antelope and lizards and weird little things with no hands, and a really charming one of a crocodile (clothodile?) that I really really wanna paint but of course it has to be huge to really get the effect I want, because, as I have said many times, there is nothing on earth quite so inspiring as having to be doing something else Right This Minute.


4 thoughts on “Like Stuffed Potato Chips!

  1. Crystal Tillman says:

    I think there’s a laws of creativity pamphlet somewhere with one of the main laws being:

    You’ll always be most creative when you’re procrastinating on something else.


    The best ideas always happen when you have nothing around to write them down. (Shower, forgotten your notebook, etc.)

  2. Otter says:

    I like the goat, and yesterday’s critter, too.

    Many Duckon attendees are also Capricon (Capricious G. Oat being Cap’s mascot) attendees and staff, plus he’s just plain cute, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he finds a new home at Duck…

  3. Amy says:

    I’m quite sure that if you pop a dreaming sheep out, you’ll see it all over Dreamwidth in about a week. I kid you not. Pun not included.


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