Great Plushthanga


digital, Painter 7, 12 x 16

The shaman Cryptic-Stitches, of the Moon-Stuffing tribe, clutched his rubber chicken staff. He had called upon Great Plushthanga, one of the great spirits of his tribe, and Great Plushthanga had come.


…so, yeah. I have lots of stuff I need to be working on, including whipping up originals for TWO art shows next month, which of course means that I am suddenly intensely driven to paint something digital and about as marketable as a three-day-old herring. I’ve had the sketch laying around for ages, but sometime this weekend it hit critical mass in my head, and Great Plushthanga demanded painting. (I like the notion of a world inhabited largely by stuffed animals. And perhaps rats. I think it would also need rats.)

Prints are available! I expect to sell perhaps five of these in the next decade, but they’re available!

2 thoughts on “Great Plushthanga

  1. Maranda says:

    I’ll be the first to admit that I adore the idea of a civilization of sentient stuffed animals.

    Have you ever thought about doing a digital tutorial? I’m mostly curious about which brushes you use in Painter. I’m using ten, not seven, but maybe it’d still apply…

  2. Katebat says:

    Bring ’em to Duckon. They’ll sell. Seriously. (My mother used to be the art show director for Duckon…I think she only stopped because we moved 400 miles away…)

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