So Many Announcements!

First of all, KUEC #18 — the breakfast show — is live! We drink before noon (because we love you!) and eat some odd foods, and I pet a bagel.

Also available on iTunes

Second, and I know you’ve been waiting awhile on this one–Black Dogs 2: The Mountain of Iron is coming out January 21st! Finally, closure!

Sofawolf will be re-releasing Volume One at the same time, under new covers–the very talented Talenshi did interior art and cover art for Volume Two, and since they needed to reprint more of Volume One anyway, they’re doing it under matching covers for snazzier shelfification.

I’m very grateful to both Talenshi and Chris Goodwin for their interior art on this project–leaving aside the time constraints, I cannot seem to do art of these characters, and I think it’s because they mostly started life as words, rather than as images. (Digger and Danny Dragonbreath started life as pictures, so they’re no problem, but apparently once I get somebody nailed down as words, they are words in my head, and drawing them is no easier for me than it would be for anybody else.)

So I think that’s all pretty exciting…

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    On a side note, I was just about to ask exactly what ShinyHappyGoth just asked. I’d even be willing to re-purchase the first book in ebook format if it ever became possible to do so.

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