Somebody got into my red paint at some point yesterday. I had Pyrrole Red fluid acrylic on my palette* and there is a smear on the plate, a pawprint on the table, then on the seat of my chair, then a trail of vibrant red tracks leads across the stoffice, becomes closer together at a convenient rubbing-up-against spot, and continues to the door.

On the one hand, it shouldn’t be hard to locate the criminal, but on the other hand, being that it’s a cat, no amount of lectures or hand-waving will have any sort of effect.

So far, this is the worst casualty of sharing a studio–Angus has turned the printer off a few times, and Ben really hates that my bottle of Titanium White keeps standing upright, in clear violation of his wishes–but at least the laminate cleans easily.


*Disposable paper plate. We’re not highbrow.

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