The Mac & Cheese Show!

I’m an idiot, should have posted this sooner!

A new Kevin & Ursula Eat Cheap, wherein we review a couple of the usual and taste-test five different varieties of mac & cheese! (Never want to look at mac & cheese again…)

Audio on this one is a little bit wonky because of a new microphone, so it’s both better and worse than before. Weird formatting issues hopefully will be resolved on the next recording–it’s a learning experience.

3 thoughts on “The Mac & Cheese Show!

  1. Amy says:

    For macaroni and cheese, my mother would cook ground meat on the stovetop, well seasoned (cayenne, salt, garlic), maybe with a bit of chopped onions, stir that in with the mac and cheese and then bake. What I prefer to stir in to my mac and cheese is crispy bacon.

    Stirring in hot dogs? Ok, sure. Stirring in tomatoes? Wholly anathema.

  2. David says:

    I frequently add corn to my Kraft M&C. In addition to maintaining the color scheme, it adds a pleasant texture (and a serving or two of vegetables) to the consumption experience.

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