Sock trades?

Okay, since a number of people expressed interest in trading prints for socks/scarves/whatever–yes, I’d be happy to! I have one lovely pair of socks that a fan knitted for me after reading Nurk, and they’re among my faves for when the weather gets cold.

I’m a women’s size 8.5 in socks, I like my scarves long and not very thick (I live in North Carolina, so I don’t need Minnesota cold protection, and I have a short neck, so when I double up a thick scarf around the neck, I look chunktastic) and part of my Eccentric Artist/Fashion Victim look involves brightly colored socks with Birkenstocks, so wild colors and dead-muppet textures are all awesome. (I currently wear my Solmates socks a lot.*) I have no fiber allergies to my knowledge.  I own one lovely purple shawl, and do not get to wear it nearly often enough.

Ah…I have NO IDEA what’s fair on this, prints involve minimal labor for me after the initial art investment, whereas knitting seems pretty labor intensive, but shoot me an e-mail if you’re one of the people who was saying “YES, I will trade knitting for prints!” and I’m sure we can work something out!

*Oh dear god, they have a sock of the month club.  I should not have looked up that link.

3 thoughts on “Sock trades?

  1. AngryOldHag says:

    And hats. And I believe that there is also a stuffed toy wombat knitting pattern out there (I think I actually have it laying around here. Somewhere).

    As for how labor intensive knitting is, it really depends what kind of pattern, what kind of yarn, etc. it is. You can make a beautiful lace shawl with fingering weight yarn, but that’ll take months. You can also make a chunky weight garter stitch scarf and that’ll take about a weekend.

  2. Tennille Libre says:

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