Right, right…back to work…

Well, yesterday was certainly exciting. Haven’t been accused of being backed by the Illuminati occult before. Some really awesome people re-tweeted me and linked to it, including a couple that made me fangirl and do the “oh god! So-and-so knows I exist!”

And my father even called to congratulate me on my new status as occult handmaiden. Since I have never given any indication to any member of my family that I am capable of finding my way out of a paper sack without assistance, Illuminati membership is a definite step up. *sigh* If only they had dental…

However, before this all goes behind us as one more bizarre amusing incident in life, I go back to writing books and painting hamsters, a couple of things:

1. The corset is from Northbound Leather in Toronto. They have a website, it is not safe for work, they do a lot of…err…rather more extreme leatherwear, and my visit to the shop was a series of “What the heck is…OH MY GOD!” moments for me, but their quality is truly fantastic, and they have some very nice work for those of us who want a corset for non-Ren Faire dress-up. They are Not Cheap. The boots are New Rock. Yes, those are The Boots. They are also Not Cheap.

2. So far as I know, there is no way to get the posters without being affiliated with the library in question. However, I’ve got a ton of 8 x 10’s (closeups of Goatywuggins) and enough bookmarks to hold places in the Library of Congress, so give me a couple days and I’ll figure out how to do some kind of giveaway so that I can move these out.

3. Thank you to everybody who obeyed the Prime Directive. You guys are so awesome–I can’t think of another group of people where I could say “Please don’t engage,” and they wouldn’t.  Stuff like this, you gotta laugh or you’ll cry–but we didn’t go into their playground and kick sand, and I really appreciate that.

4. And, tangentially related to that–if you are one of those people from said forum who followed the links back wondering why they suddenly got so many pageviews–while I’m not sorry for laughing at the absurdity, I am sorry if seeing all those pageviews got your hopes up. This may sound like a weird thing to apologize for, but I’ve been a mod on low-traffic forums before, and getting a wave of apparent activity made us hopeful too, and it was sad when it didn’t pan out. Unintended consequence.

5. Finally–I’ve got a lot of Christian readers, a lot of them have sent notes, e-mail, left comments, and made impassioned pleas during Monday night gaming,  saying “Please, we’re not all like this, these people do not represent us!” I’ve tried to reply where I can, but just to cover it all–guys, I KNOW you’re not with those people. The wall between “amusingly eccentric” (which I think we all are) and “barking moonbat” is a much wider one than the walls between good people of various creeds just trying to do good and get by as best they can in the world. We’re cool. Heck, the boyfriend’s Lutheran, and he bakes a mean casserole! And I know full well that y’all are far more bothered by crazies waving Bibles than I will ever be, so…we’re cool. Promise.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled wombats…

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  1. Burl Mclauchlen says:

    Although I do think we did go to the moon, I’m rather disappointed that the first man to walk the moon is yet living during our life and is a complete antisocial, and has been ever since he got back from that rock! He should be out applying that legislative act marketing space exploration through Congress so financial support of the space plan can be back to what it was….

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