It was here just a moment ago…

Can’t find where I put my camera. So the photo of the latest oversize work was taken with an iPhone, and the quality is about what you’d expect. Nevertheless!

18 x 36. Uneven lighting a function of using a camera phone, not of arty-artness on my part.

It’s done on a piece of board, and this time I mean “an actual honest to god BOARD,” woodgrain of which is visible through the body of the rabbit, that being the reason I picked that board. (I think it’s a piece of the composite stuff they use for butcher block.)  It’s quite large, and the size has the impact I was hoping for, so I’m happy on that front. Ready to hang, too, there’s little nail hooky deals in the back–I used a drill! All by myself! And no one died!–and while not terribly expensive as my originals go, I warn you that shipping on this one is likely to be pricey if anybody is interested in the original.

Prints are unlikely, unless I can find my camera.

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