Slice of Life: Art Division Redux

I staggered to Kevin’s office under the weight of canvas–my finished Deer Woman piece, 24 x 36 of not-entirely-satisfying-to-its-creator artistic creation.

“Wow,” said Kevin. “That’s…epic. I mean…epic.”

“I’m glad you like it,” I said, setting it down and scrounging for a hammer, “because I’m hanging it in the stairwell until either I like it or I figure out what’s wrong with it.”

“Well, if you must…” he said, and went back to running one-seventy-millionth of the Internet, or whatever sys admins actually do.

Tomorrow when the lighting is better, I will at least take a photo of it, but a full-on uber photo-session with the lighting and all will have to wait, since the notion is exhausting and also I don’t think I can get the lights out of the closet without destroying most of the carefully orchestrated piles that contain my life.

The next one will be better.

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