More Time Wasters…

Gotta say, as far as weird little free browser games go, “Echo Bazaar” is awesome. It’s a dark Victorian setting, heavy on the irony, where you wander London, which was sucked into the abyss and now exists a mile below the surface, having vaguely Lovecraftian nightmares and composing epic ballads about fungus. It links up to your Twitter account (although it won’t tweet without your permission) and you can invite your Twitter friends who are also playing to various nefarious activities.

Depending on your choices, your characters develop in various ways…kind of Choose Your Own Adventure-ish, with stats. For example, I’m currently a Charming and Watchful Lady with a pet goldfish, Bohemian connections, and recurring dreams of death by water.

It also only allows you a limited number of turns a day, and it takes a bit for each turn to refresh, so it’s a fun one to have in the background when you’re actually being productive and want a five minute break from being productive to go have tea with the Ambassador of Hell.

2 thoughts on “More Time Wasters…

  1. Zeh Dwarf says:

    Thanks to your posting this I have actually become more productive. I started playing the game this morning and to allow my actions to reset I wound up distracting myself with research and answering emails I have been putting off. So thank you from the bottom of my little heart.

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