Six bags of dirt and three bags of mulch makes a pathetically small dent in the new bed, but it was actually less pathetic than I thought it would be, so I’m happy. I need at least ten more bags of each to do the border, but the big new section, where the island bed joined the mainland and became a peninsula, has been filled up. Of course, now it’s dark brown from the chip mulch, which gives it a rather silly two-tone look–the original bed is covered in pine needles–but this fall, we’ll get the needles again and it’ll all match up.

So I ripped up grass and exorcised yet more of the Demon Honeysuckle, filled in with dirt and mulch, planted the two blueberries and moved some stuff around. Pink speedwell went to an area where it wouldn’t be dwarfed, and I moved a couple of sages around so they’d get a good shot. And now I’m very, very tired.

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