Oof, I’m sore today. Yesterday involved a lot of manual labor. Today, I get to go buy plants!

I had an interesting incident yesterday with the fish tank.

A couple of months ago, I got a peppermint shrimp to clear out the pest anemones. Having already had a Shrimp Bob, I broke my own rules and named him Goliath, because he’s kind’ve a monster. Food offered on the chopstick is snatched, and then he grabs the chopstick and tries to take it away from me. He is a bruiser. Peppermint shrimp are supposed to be shy and nocturnal. Goliath apparently did not get the memo.

He’d been happy as a clam for several months (probably happier, clams are tricky to keep alive and require specialized lighting) so I was dismayed when I came in in the morning and found a lifeless white husk. I fished it out with the net, flushed it, and was mildly bummed. He’d been doing so well!

That evening, as I was glancing in the tank to make sure the crabs were okay, and to check on Rasta Bob, the ricordea, who was near death and then decided maybe he wasn’t (I’m stumped) what do I see but red feelers, as Goliath crept out of the back of the tank.

There was a long long minute when I thought "What? Was there another shrimp hiding? What could possibly be going on?" and then the relays clicked over–of course! He’s a crustacean! He molted!

Next time he does this, I’ll leave the old molt in–apparently some of them like to eat it–but I was just glad that Goliath was fine, and amused by the whole incident.

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