Early morning…hot tea, shower, sit down to computer, poke internet.

Spam, spam, spam, contact form, contact form, spam, Amazon spam for Attack of the Ninja Frogs, spam…

Wait, what?

*scroll scroll scroll*

…they spent me spam. For my own book.


I’ve never bought any of my own books from Amazon, but there it is, along with a pre-order for Curse of the Were-Wiener* and some of the Lunch Lady books (the Lunch Lady guy is seriously awesome, by the way, and you should buy his stuff.) I confess a vague temptation to go in and check the "I own it!" box next to Were-Wiener, since I am one of the only two people on earth who can say that right now, but I should probably get some actual work done instead.


*See what I did thar? Marketing! I haz it!

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