I couldn’t resist a wall jewelry piece of at least one member of Sister Rosemary’s Curious Convent:

The World’s Smallest Nun

The name Sister Mary Chagnon is after Napoleon Chagnon the anthropologist, because…um….free association to "Napoleon was short." (Deep mysteries of the artistic mind revealed!)

Sister Mary’s exposure to the Yanomamo, however, was limited to a very brief engagement in her youth with the ill-fated Carnival von Vanderkamp, which attempted to tour the Amazon in an effort to escape the senior von Vanderkamp’s gambling debts. Those few who did not succumb to malaria or hostile tribesman–apparently not even the Yanomamo like clowns–eventually staggered out of the forest some weeks later. Von Vanderkamp himself is believed to have been eaten by a rabid tapir, and the surviving performers went their separate ways and never spoke of it again.

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