Further Confusion!

After long plane rides* we have arrived at Further Confusion, the San Jose convention this weekend, of which I’m a GoH.

Good lord this place is swank.

I’ve had cons take good care of me before, I’ve had them send limos and rent me quite nice rooms, but this is incredible. The suite we’re in is larger than most of the apartments I’ve had. (The bathroom is larger than some apartments I’ve had!) I can look out the window at the Adobe building. (I can worship the masters of Photoshop in the morning!) There was a bottle of wine and a plate of cheese and fruit waiting when we walked in. Given that we’d been on planes for eight hours, we fell on it like starving wolves.

Con staff is wonderfully helpful and apologetic for minor snags–hopefully they believe me when I say that these are barely noticeable and nobody’s Thursday set-up goes completely without a hitch. (And hell, they got me a cheese and fruit plate! At this point, unless they start throwing anvils at me, I’m happy!) I kinda want to grab somebody and say "Dude, you’re waaaaay overpricing me. I don’t think I’m worth THIS!"

Met some fans and readers last night, always a pleasure to put faces to names (or, more accurately, badges to icons) and hopefully I’ll see more people over the next few days (and if you’re in the area, come by and say hi! It’s a cool con!)

Owing to the help of some very nice people, my con kit was delivered safely, and in a few minutes I’ll fall into the shower, and thence to breakfast and then to setup and we’ll get this sucker rollin’!

*I think the TSA stole one of my sweaters, or at least misplaced it while searching my bag. Damnit. That sucker came from Anthropologie and is one of the few articles of clothing I own capable of making me look elegant and cosmopolitan. I gotta go home and make sure I didn’t just leave it out at the last minute before I raise hell with ’em, but elegant and cosmopolitan comes with a serious pricetag, and if I have to replace it, the TSA is getting a nasty e-mail. You can search my bag as often as you like, but you damn well better put everything BACK!

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