I’m back from the con, and lord, am I tired. Great con, wonderful to see a lot of West Coastites, meet some fans I haven’t met before, hang with the other artists, etc–although I think we did a lot of the hanging out with artists in the airport on the way back…but man, the jet lag’s murder both ways. Bad enough you’re up until two AM working on sketchbooks, but when your brain is whispering "You know it’s really five AM your time, right?" it makes it difficult. And then, of course, four days was just about enough to get the brain switched back, so I slept until ten–or maybe seven–fell out of bed, and now I am awake but bone-deep tired.

It’ll sort itself out in a few days. I think.

Anyway! Sales not bad–table sales not quite up to Anthrocon, which is my benchmark convention, but definitely pretty solid. Art show did GREAT, definitely the best art show I’ve ever done, thanks in large part to one of my more dedicated collectors who braved the furriness to come buy art and hang out.

Panels were awesome. I was a little surprised and terribly flatttered to see that there was standing-room-only for my Kaffeklatch, and I think we ran out of coffee, but it was awesome to get a chance to chat with a big group, and there were some very good questions. (Everybody asks about my art, but nobody ever asks what kind of art I like! That was a great question!) And big thanks to a bunch of people, including Kevinbunny, Bobcat and his pear, Doodles and Warhorse for making sure I got to where I needed to go and keeping me informed of time and so forth. And Banshea, who brought a cake. And Skulldog for an awesome badge. And Agent Elrond and Jess Bear and Song Coyote and I should stop now, because I’ll never remember everybody and there were a lot of awesome people. 

And huge massive mondo oh-my-god gratitude to Sofawolf and Phil and crew for getting my con kit and printer mailed back (and to Tor for taking pick up in the first place!) Printer wasn’t churning night and day the way it is at some cons–there’s some speculation that print sales are down across the fandom in general–but it was still good to have, and I absolutely could not do without the con kit.

Anyway! Nothing seems to have blown up in our absence, my new tank clean-up crew is still alive, although voraciously hungry (and have already learned that the Chopstick of Heaven brings food.) Gir peed with joy when we came in, Ben launched himself at me from a little too far away and then rode around on my shoulder purring madly while I tried to wrangle suitcases and clean up the joy. So that was normal.

My goal for today is to answer some e-mail and get the suitcases unpacked. I can do this. I have the technology.

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