I fear overload is starting to set in–everything is turning into a blur of rides, buses, and buying T-shirts. Today is our last day, and we’re probably going to start at Epcot and then see what happens, although plans are nebulous.

A few impressions of Hollywood Studios:

Muppets are awesome. Would that they had a Beaker shirt in my size. (Large is sold out of EVERYTHING. You can get XL, or M, but no L. This includes hats.)

The Rockin’ Rollercoaster inverts you multiple times in the first couple of seconds. I did not notice any of them. I was screaming like Gonzo. All I was conscious of was speed. There’s a flip later on that I noticed, but the first couple I was completely oblivious to. Which is kinda funny, since the inversion was what I was really worried about. (I did not do the Tower of Terror. I can handle rollercoasters, but a straight vertical drop would result in the contents of my stomach going places.

Kevin put on an Indiana Jones hat in the gift shop, turned around, and my ovaries, who had been sulking somewhere in the pelvis suddenly leapt up and reminded me in no uncertain terms that, by the way, we have had a raging crush on Indiana Jones since we were EIGHT, he may have been our first love, even before Spock, and hey, time has not really blunted that nearly as much as we thought.

"What do you think of th–"



Other things of note–the masks on stilt-walkers in the street parade at Animal Kingdom were INCREDIBLE. I-wish-I-had-designed-them incredible. They had a warthog and an armadillo and a couple of birds that were just amazing. Apparently the Lion King Broadway show had similar mask design–I’d never seen it, and in some vague part of my mind, thought they were doing it in fursuits, or maybe leotards and makeup like in Cats. But those were amazing! I was standing near the front of the parade squeeing and gushing, mostly at Kevin’s parents, who now probably either think I’m charming or dangerously insane. (Ironically, both his kids were lurking back aways, doing the too-cool-for-this studied ennui of children. I did it at that age, too. Sometimes I think that half the fun of adulthood is that there comes a point where you stop worrying about jumping up and down and squeeing, because hey, you’ve already made a fool of yourself so many times, so what’s one more or less?)

Also, while most of the merchandise at Animal Kingdom was an afterthought, the designs on the buildings were fantastic! Forget the Mickey stuff–where do I get carved teal beaver roof supports, or the giant hornbill signs? They were awesome! The architecture on the buildings was amazingly cool. Do I have to take up woodworking? I’ll do it! I’m crazy!

Today–something! And then maybe something else!

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