Home Sweet Home

Home at last!

Our last day was spent hopping to places we wanted to spend more time in. So we started in Animal Kingdom and went up to the conservation station, where it is proved yet again that Kevin and I are big softies. (We got choked up more times on this trip, generally animal related…the manatees, the video about poaching, the poor endangered tamarins…) and caught the tail end of a bird show. There was a huge showy hyacinth macaw, but the real show-stopper was a teeny little Eastern Screech Owl that one of the handlers had on a glove. We must’ve talked for twenty minutes after the show, mostly me fawning over the owl. That bird was solid attitude. Kevin has video. She was so…perfect. According to the handler, she had a huge personality jammed inside a very very small brain.

Then it was off to Epcot for noshing, and to see the wodgy wodgy manatees again–EEE! Manatees!–and finally we ended the day at Magic Kingdom and went on the Buzz Lightyear ride–you shoot at things with a laser gun during the ride–where it was proved yet again that I am the gamer of the crew.

Kid1: I got 2100!
Kid 2: I beat my brother! I got 8700!
Kevin: What did you get?
Ursula: …what did you get?
Kevin: 85300.
Ursula: Um. (cough) 253300…

Then off to the electrical parade, which was tacky and wonderful, and fireworks over the castle, which were nifty, and we ambled back to the hotel, feeling the vague let-down of vacation ending.

But all was not lost! The next morning, while attempting to find a cart, I wandered out behind the hotel, where there is a lake, and saw that apparently this was The Spot, because there were cormorants fighting over a fish and several anhinga swimming around doing their Loch Ness Monster impersonation, and then one hopped out and started to dry itself not ten feet away, and a great egret stood in the mud, with a snowy egret shuffling around its feet, and another bird that could only be a tri-colored heron, and suddenly something large and dark-headed flew in, and I scurried down the sidewalk, trying to track it, and it landed and was unmistakeably a wood stork!

Which was multiple lifers and a much better view of the anhinga (a lifer on this trip) and I never did find a luggage cart, but who cares, because OMG wood stork! Tri-colored heron! Anhingas! Eeee!

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