Progress is pretty. And high resolution.

I have a new monitor.

I carefully shepherded my ancient and beloved refurbished Trinitron across the country and back again. I loved that beast. It was a fantastic monitor. But it was old and it was HEAVY. I had to rely on other people to move it, and that honestly always frustrated me–it was the one thing I absolutely needed for my work, and I couldn’t move it on my own if I had to.

A few days ago, it began to die the final death. And so, with a heavy heart and my credit card, I went to Best Buy, spent half an hour carefully examining the fine gradations of color and contrast, and shelled out for a Samsung 23" widescreen, which is crisp and sharp and fantastic, and–you can laugh, but this is important to me–I can lift it easily on my own.

Farewell, oh faithful Trinitron! Kevin moved it out of the studio for me, one last time, and now we move on.

Progress is pretty and has very high resolution and man, is it ever crisp. I didn’t realize how blurry the old one had gotten until now. This is nice.

Also, my desktop goes on forever.

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