Giants on the Moors

Last night I had a long, complicated, unpleasant dream–with more yelling at ex* and some sexual frustration and broken pipes and a nest full of hummingbirds (that part was cool) but the bit worth recounting occurred while driving away from a Lowes, across the moors. (No, we don’t have moors in Pittsboro, but some had apparently come to town for the occasion.) There were some pretty odd goings on in the parking lot–we swerved to avoid a large black rabbit, who hopped over to a man wearing an old jester’s costume and a rabbit mask. It was kind of like escaped bits of a really weird ren faire after dark.

That, however, soon fell behind, and we continued driving across the moors, whereupon I started seeing giants. They fell somewhere between big Henson muppets and large humanoids, and at first I thought I was seeing things in the dark, but nope, there they were, honest-to-god, clearly in focus giants.

"Giants!" I yelled at Kevin. "There are giants on the moors!"

"Uh-huh," he said, not disbelieving, just not that impressed.

"Stop the car! They’re really there! I’m really seeing them!"

He stopped the car. I pointed to giants striding across the fields, stepping over fences. "Dude, there are GIANTS!" I reiterated.

"Well," he said reasonably, "what are you going to do about it?"

I opened my mouth to begin yelling about telling the world, realized immediately that nobody’d believe me–I’m really not a reliable observer, am I?–and this isn’t even Bigfoot or stray thylacines or something other people claim to encounter, these are friggin’ mythological, it’d be like claiming to see gargoyles**or sphinxes–and sunk down into the seat.

"Just drive," I muttered.

I see why people don’t report these things.

*When does this stop being healthy dream workin’-through-shit and become pathological, anyway?

**tangentially, I did once see something very odd in the very early morning flying over the city–I was on a high raised overpass by an old industrial area in Minneapolis, and something flew by overhead that was…well, not normal shaped in any sense of the word, and my initial completely random thought was "Did I just see a gargoyle?" I suspect that what I saw was an owl carrying fairly heavy prey and laboring under the weight–there was a high arch ofwing and what read as the body was at the bottom and misshapen. Or, for all I know, there are urban gargoyles now and I caught a weird little glimpse. If I had to put money down, though, it’d be on the owl.

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