Learning Experience For The Day

If you go to pick up a painting that you saw a week ago, and which has been itching at your brain, and you figure you’ll get it for yourself for your birthday, and then you run into the artist at the gallery, and you start chatting and you go over to HIS gallery across the street, and his art is seriously amazingly awesome and you wind up falling in love with another painting which is just major cool and there’s no price on it so he gives it to you for $400 which is like half the price of the similar paintings on the wall because you’re friendly and the economy is hitting artists really bad and it’s really way more than you can afford but shit you just got another two books on the book deal and what the hell because it’s a really REALLY awesome painting and you don’t have any really BIG art anyway and you DID just pay off your credit cards and dude, it’s SO AWESOME but he has to retouch a corner that got scuffed so he does that while you go look at Macedonian abstract art showing at the gallery across the street and why Macedonian abstract artists are showing work in Siler City I have no idea but once it’s dry you go back and pick it up and god it’s so awesome–do not fail to take the size of your car into account.

There may be more than fifteen square feet of space in an elderly Nissan Altima, but none of it is arranged so that a 3 x 5 canvas can fit in it. I know. I tried for about twenty minutes.

Did I mention it was an awesome painting?

Kevin claims he’s going to keep the transcript of my voice mail message for when he writes his memoir, "Life With Ursula," since with my usual inability to stick to a topic it kept veering off into A) this is an awesome painting and B) um, help?

I should be able to go pick it up tomorrow morning, and we’ll tie it into the back of Kevin’s convertible.

I did mention it was awesome, didn’t I?

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