Failure to Launch

Well, it’s been an exciting day. There was some screaming. It was, um…well, exciting.

Fortunately, several people came to the rescue, or offered to come to the rescue, and as a result I should have new hosting soon–probably a couple days to get everything re-directed, but expect the re-relaunch of Red Wombat soon.

As site launches go, this was not an unmitigated disaster, in that we think we managed to clamp it down after a mere four hours of radically exceeding the nice company’s bandwidth, but it’s still the kind of thing that drives one to drink. Sorry to get everybody’s hopes up, there.

On the bright side, there’s a pair of great-crested flycatchers courting in the backyard, which is nice. I assume they’re courting, although they could just be chirping and hanging out, I dunno.

And now, do I want alcohol or pie…? 

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