ETA: Oh good lord, okay, stop–the bandwidth of everybody visiting was far in excess of what was anticipated, and our host came back and said "For the love of god, stop!"

So, uh, temporarily delayed while we get THAT ironed out. (Man, hosting issues are so last decade…)


Ladies and gentlemen and sundry multi-celled organisms!

I am proud to announce that Red Wombat Studio is now up and running! Reroute your bookmarks!

It’s got automated shopping carts and upcoming schedules and little "updated!" buttons to make finding new art easier. It doesn’t have a search engine yet–we’re still working on that–but we hope to get that up eventually, and we’re gonna have some nifty downloadable wallpapers up later this week. It’s easier to update by far, so you can expect actual updatedness on it, and I’m holding great hope for the automated shopping cart function so people don’t have to go through the trouble of e-mailing me (I mean, if you still WANT to e-mail your order, I’ll totally take it! I don’t mind! I just know that people like to click, click, pay, and be done…)

Anyway, take a look!

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