Welcome to the new Red Wombat Studio!

Ladies and gentlemen, I announce with great pleasure the launch of our brand new website! Welcome to Red Wombat Studio!

The new website is much easier to update and keep track of, so you can expect much more regular updates than Metal&Magic, and it has some handy new features, like the “Latest Image” box up on your left, and “updated!” tags in the Gallery so that you know when new art’s up. We’ve got direct links to a bunch of my books on Amazon, and even a calendar of upcoming appearances!

Big thanks to Kevin of Dark Canvas Media for getting the site up–some parts of it were straightforward, but some of it required black magic as far as I’m concerned…

Most excitingly, we’ve finally got the new shopping cart system up and running, so you can order art on-line! How awesome is THAT? (I’m excited. Mind you, I’m easily excited…)

weewarthogNow, you may notice that not all of my art is in the gallery. Since I am stupidly prolific, it’ll take awhile to get everything uploaded from years gone by. So I’m adding art over time–there’s hundreds of the things!–but if you’re missing an old favorite from the gallery, you can drop me a line at the contact form and I’ll see if I can’t get it up pronto!

Likewise, if you find any bugs–and we’re still working the kinks out!–please don’t hesitate to drop a line!

Thanks to everybody for waiting on our nifty site redesign, and I hope you find stuff worth waiting for!