Busy weekend (aren’t they always?)

The new website has been put together, and I’m in the grim stage of uploading art and putting in "Buy now" buttons on everything. (God, I am too prolific.) But it looks like we’ve got everything up and running, and now it’s just up to grunt work on my part and a few random visual tweaks. No immediate ETA on the site going live, but hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

On Saturday we went to a burlesque show! I’ve never been to one before. It was held at a lesbian bar. I’ve never been to one of those, either. It was cool–very short, and the bar hadn’t been set up for it, so line of sight and lighting was poor. Still, what I could see was cool. Proof again, as my buddy Mur (who was craning her neck next to me) said, that it’s all about attitude rather than physique. One of the best dancers had big hips, small boobs and definite stomach flab, all of which is fairly well counter to our current standard of beauty, and can’t be terribly well disguised in that little clothing–and she was sexy as hell. The crowd went completely nuts. It was awesome.

Also, Mur has a science blue Star Trek corset. I am terribly envious.

All the beasties are doing well. Angus keeps climbing into my lap and purring ecstatically while I try to work. Tank is doing well–Goby Bob may not have found it hospitable, but I’ve somehow found the sweet spot for zoanthid reproduction–the 8-polyp colony I got a month ago is now 16 polyps, and even a frag with a mere two polyps I picked up last Thursday has three buds on it (more of a testament to the fish store than to me, I suspect, but still.)

The rest of the weekend, when not working or burlesque-watching, was spent playing that relic of my childhood, Dungeon Master, which I found a port of, and am determined to FINALLY defeat.

Oh, and painting this.

Phalloi in Flight

Phalloi – non DA link

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