3 thoughts on “New Store

  1. Michael Mynatt says:

    I love your artwork and off and on for some time now have been opening up the Ursula blog to find out what is new in the parallel world you inhabit.
    Your gardening is unusual for an artist, most artists I know tend to kill plants the moment their shadow falls upon them. I am wondering if you are not Beatrix Potter re-imagined for the new century. She had the same tendency to dress squeaky creatures in people clothes and send them out on mad adventures, Well not mad in her case. You’ve improved on that. Anyway you have inspired me, and I am a fan, so, I am buying the Shrew book to get you to sign it when you come to Chicago. What in the world is a furry convention?Thank you for being. Mike

  2. schneptune says:

    HOORAY. I have enjoyed Metal & Magic for years and am looking forward to Elder Clean soap being back in stock…

    It would be awesome if the prints had your introductory/caption comments on the back or included as a separate piece; it adds another dimension to the work to know what was going through your mind while you created it.

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