…and there’s a spaghetti worm in the tank, too!

Again, mostly good (can irritate coral if the little tentacles come too close) but the one I’ve spotted is tucked way down in the back.) I went in at night with a flashlight, just out of curiosity, and saw the stomatella snail out grazing, and Crab Bob chowing down on algae like it was going out of style.

Emerald crabs are amazing. The snails made little roads in the algae forest, the crab came in and clearcut the stuff to the ground.

…and just after saying this, I go and look at the tank again, and there’s a big bristleworm, two or three times the size of any of the little ones, and bright pink-red with dark red racing stripes, climbing along the surface of the rock. I believe this is a fireworm. Touching it will cause me excruciating pain, and once again gives me the sudden chill down my back, the one that says You were handling all this rock without gloves on and all that stuff was IN THERE LURKING and we’re never ever going to put our hands in the tank without gloves again, are we?

Most fireworms are beneficial, and it doesn’t look like the one bad kind, so it can stay, but again…always wear gloves.

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