Well, hello!

Was staring at the little mystery thingy, trying to figure out what the heck it was (if it’s a hydroid, it is a very pretty hydroid!) and a thin spotted thread emerged from a hole next to it and slid across the rock. This startled both Mystery Bob(s) and thelarge tube worm next to it, who quickly retracted.

I stared at the slowly curling tentacle for awhile, which eventually pulled back into the hole, and went to the internet. I had tentatively ID’d it as a micro brittle star living in my rock (good) when I happened to look over at another section of rock, noted some small white tentacles, and watched in mild amazement as a tiny white brittle star pulled itself out of its hole and strolled a few centimeters along the rock.

So I have at least one, possibly more Brittle Bobs in the tank.

Man, live rock is so awesome. Three weeks, and I’m still finding new stuff in there.

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