Blargh! The con crud seems to be catching me. I have to give a talk tomorrow evening, so the sore throat is not welcome.

Generally I come through these things as healthy as a horse, but this was a bad con for plague for me for some reason–something hit me wrong on Sunday morning, and caused what Kevin suggested was a mass bacteria die-off–i.e. I was feeling fine, and then suddenly my entire lower intestinal tract decided it was spring cleaning time. I developed quite an attachment to the handicapped stall in the women’s restroom, since I was in there approximately every fifteen minutes from about ten AM until I got home around 4. (We broke down about anhour early–nobody was buying any more, and I was really jonesing for a toilet that I didn’t need to cover with paper.)

The problem–and forgive the vividness and entirely TMIness of the following–is that it wasn’t enough to crap myself empty. No, my colon was on a serious witch hunt, so even after there was nothing even approaching solid waste anywhere in my system, when lunch was clinging to my stomach lining and begging me not to send it down there, please god, it could hear breakfast screaming, oh god, the humanity–it was still kicking out this horrible burning mucus every few minutes.

This was not pleasant. Kevin–further testament to his awesomeness–can offer intelligent commentary on statements like "horrible burning mucus" while finding a gas station in rural North Carolina that I might rid myself of same.

I stuffed myself with fiber yesterday, and while things are still not exactly back to normal, they are nothing like as bad as they were. Of course, now the sore throat kicks in, but I’d much rather deal with that.

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