My talk last night went well!

At least, I think it went well…I kept ’em laughing, anyway, and I think that’s the important thing. I may have agreed to speak to various classes. It’s all a bit of blur. Kevin says I didn’t disgrace myself, anyway, although I do tend to get a little manic when I’m on.

I do know that I gave out the URL for this blog, so if any librarians and/or teachers from the International Reading Association are here as a result, let me apologize in advance–the last two entries are about diarrhea and strip clubs, and I swear, we’re usually more high brow than that! Honest!

A little more. Somewhat. Occasionally.


In the interests of high-browing it up–and of course, for pure coolness–let me point out that it is Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday today! Go out and observe a finch, or breed a pigeon or something. Race earthworms. (He was big into earthworms too, wasn’t he?) Go be the fittest survivor you can be!

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