Shopping Cart Plug-In Help!

Oh font of all knowledge, I come with a petition!

We’re trying to get a shopping cart system up and running on my website, that being the primary reason for the overhaul. The hope is to do the site in WordPress, so a WordPress plug-in would be seriously awesome. (Warning, semi-technical bafflement ‘n crap to follow.)

The WP e-commerce plug-in is what we’re trying to fool with, but there’s a major problem–it’s handling of shipping is seriously craptacular. There’s no "combine shipping" and while I could get everything up and running flat-rate for one size print, I have to do shipping for two sizes, and therein lies the difficulty. There’s no apparent way to change the shipping cost for a variant on the item…and if I did it by weight, which I could jury rig easily enough, there is no way to do international shipping. (Leaving out the international option on weight is just lazy, damnit.)

To put it another way, I have 4 price variations in shipping.

8.5 x 11 – Domestic
8.5  x 11 – International
13 x 19 – Domestic
13 x 19 – International

I can only set up flat rate on two of ’em. Now, I COULD–as a fairly inelegant workaround–add the additional cost of domestic shipping to the price of the jumbo print, except that if people ordered more than one print, they’d be paying way too much, since I always combine shipping, and I’d still have no way to do the international shipping.

Their forums are pretty much a horror, with people asking this question or variations over and over and getting either no response or "somebody posted code somewhere else, you have to fix it yourself." Kevin is willing to tackle it, but he freely admits that fixing other people’s plug-ins is NOT his strong suit, so that’d be a great deal of time expended on jury-rigging a solution that may or may not even be possible.

Does anybody have experience with this plug-in, or know of a better one for this problem?

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