Albino Brain Chiggers!

Annnnnnnd it’s snowing.

This is a pretty respectable snow. I’ve seen worse–in Minnesota, we’d call this "Tuesday"–but it’s not the pansy single-snowflake-destroys-town stuff we usually get down here where somebody spots snow shopping at Hot Topic and the roads spontaneously gridlock. This is a steady, business-like snow, with occasional windy moments that blow white clots down from the trees. We’ve had three, going on four inches so far this morning, and since we’re out in the woods, it’s A) gorgeous and B) unplowed.

I’m just not planning on going anywhere unless I require an emergency room. I can drive in this–cautiously!–but it’s not fun, and I don’t trust anybody else out on the road right now. The South has many virtues, but winter driving is not among them.

Kevin’s kids are home on a snow day, so he’s telecommuting, and I am barricaded in the studio. They’re predicting four-to-eight inches, and since we’re already closing on the four mark, I suspect this part of the woods will have more like eight. Here’s hoping it melts off enough for the schools to be open tomorrow!

The beagle donna, who hates getting his feet wet and disdains unmown grass, thinks snow is fine. No problems with snow. I don’t understand that dog at all.

The feeders are absolutely alive with birds at the moment, a great feathered horde coming to the available food source. In addition to the usual flock of juncos and goldfinches, the obligatory titmouse and chickadee and wren–and of course, the Male Cardinal In Snow, who is looking gaggingly picturesque–we’ve got a couple of random visitors, including an unexpected savannah sparrow, which I’ve never seen out here before.

I should really get dressed and see if I’ve got any more suet for the little beasties….

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