I had Stuff To Do Today. I did not want to spend it trying to pry malware off my machine. (I don’t even know where this crap came from–one minute I was FINE, and then wham, I’ve got some stupid crap called "VirusRemoval2008" that keeps screaming at me and barfing random websites. (Either I hit the wrong website at the wrong time, or one of my business contacts accidentally sent it along with an attachment. How obnoxious.)

Thank god for Kevin. I’ve checked the various websites, but there doesn’t seem to be an easy "Click this to kill the bitch!" solution, and when you get into deleting random files that have sown themselves about, you go beyond my meagre artisty expertise with computers.


Why does this wait to happen until I have PMS?

ETA: MalwareBytes appears to have devoured it…I am cautiously optimistic that I will not, say, have to go out and buy a Mac or something.

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