Stuff was accomplished today!

Not as much stuff as I wanted, but a fairly solid amount ‘o stuff. E-mails were sent, commissions worked on, first draft sent off to editor…in general, stuff.

Stuff is good.

I had coffee with a friend and visited the bookstore. To my great annoyance, they had no Thurber. I have been in a Thurber mood, and the fact that this giant of American literature is not OBVIOUSLY and IMMEDIATELY available at any bookstore is a crime, damnit. Sure, I can get fifty bizillion copies of Twilight or The Secret or whatever vampire-zombie-wereSue-snuff Laurell K. Hamilton is writing these days or Chicken Soup for the Urban Guerrilla’s Soul, but do they have Thurber? They do not!

This is what’s wrong with our country. This and the lack of crosswalks for turtles.

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