Site Update!

Yay! If you head on over to you will see a slew of new updates, including information on ordering the game "Black Sheep" preordering the audiobook of Nurk and–most and absolutely exciting of all–drum-roll please–

Pre-orders for Dragonbreath!

(Yes, if I could make that six foot tall blinking block letters, I might.)

(I’m amazed too, at how soon the pre-orders are listed, the thing doesn’t come out until June–although if it’s anything like Nurk, it’ll be shipping in May, much to my flailing and consternation–I mean, the ARC’s just barely got printed!–but hey, that’s publishing…)

Kevin also, in a fit of madness, has posted that the buying art section will be up in February, come hell or high water. Since he’s the one who has to figure out shopping carts and other weirdness, we’ll see how it goes. Once that’s figured out, we can get the shopping cart for done, and that will allow us to actually update the bloody website, with, y’know, wallpaper contest results ‘n stuff.

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