Some of you may have noticed the new icon gracing t’old blog today. It’s courtesy of Jennie Breeden who does the webcomic The Devil’s Panties, which I have been appearing in for the last couple of weeks. (I know, I love the platypus well, but I really liked how she drew me in this one.) If you start here, you can read the whole saga of us visiting a porn store and soon to be exploring an abandoned Hudson Belks (and it’s a fun strip worth reading in general, and the creator is pure unadulterated awesome. And I’m not just saying that because she fangirls over Digger.)

Kevin would like it to be known that yes, this is exactly what living with me is like, especially the bit about the nouns.

Speaking of Digger, even obliquely, vol. 2 is soon to be available via Diamond, and can be pre-ordered at your local comic store! How cool izzat?

And finally, since this is a pretty narcissistic post already (look at me in a comic! look at my comic! Sheesh…) since ’tis the season, my Annual Wish-List is up over at Amazon, for those friends and relatives and random passers-by who are either obligated by blood and association or moved out of pity or briefly possessed by madness or whatever and want to know what they can get me.

Tangentially related to that, I am feeling the need to get one of those signs that says "Axial Tilt Is The Reason For The Season…"

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