My apartment got robbed last night.

Important stuff–The cats are fine, the guppies are fine, I’m fine–I was at Kevin’s.

They came in through the sliding glass door and cleaned out my game consoles, all my video games, Mr. Printy, and my brand new scanner.

They left the computer, obviously.

And, to my complete and profound horror, they took my sex toys. Which is wrong on more levels than I can really express. They even took the one on the nightstand that hadn’t been WASHED, okay? WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG.

Thankfully the majority of my stuff, laptop included, was at Kevin’s. They didn’t touch the art. And Ganesh is obviously kind, because despite leaving the sliding glass door wide open, Ben and Angus were both still here.

I’m moving everything over tonight, if I have to work until friggin’ midnight and STEAL a fuckin’ truck.

Um. I can still take print orders–and in fact, if people would like to buy art, or just feel like sending money*, now would be a Really Good Time, because I’ve sold pretty much nada this month, and my renters insurance lapsed LAST month. Unfortunately I can’t fill the orders until I get a new printer, which is the priority, so if you’ve got a standing print order (only like three people, I think) there’ll be a slight delay.

(I mean, shit, I needed to upgrade the consoles, but this is NOT the way to do it…’course, it won’t matter, since I no longer have anything to play on them.)

Waiting for the cops to show up, then the frantic loading and freaking out will begin.

They left my copy of Spore in the CD drive. At least that’s something.

ETA: Oh, for god’s sake. They cleaned out Money Frog’s little pile of change. That’s just cold.

* and this is the only time I’ll ask.

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