Well, I was going to share the Common Flapalope and Megaflapalope with y’all, but there’s apparently some kind of bug with the buddy system–Kevin and I can’t locate one another, despite knowing each other’s log-ins. (I found another buddy okay, but I’m wondering if it either takes awhile to update, or if I’m temporarily invisible. Still, if you want to try to find me, I am Wombattica. Um…I probably won’t add you back as a buddy if this is the sort of system where I get flooded–nothing personal, but y’all know how it is. Still, if you manage to locate me, let me know–I’d like to know if this is a systemwide bug or what…)

(Possibly I can just get a pic at some point and inflict it on you, the bio-gamer-geek equivalent of "Look at these pictures of my grandkids!")

I managed to get some sketches done yesterday, in hopes of actually doing a painting, but since my art supplies are getting boxed up, Spore is about the only creative outlet I’ve got until after the studio gets set up for good this weekend. Bookcases are about half moved. Cats are looking suspicious of chaos.

My computer is the great definer of my Place of Primary Residence,* and it won’t move for another day or two, but my underwear drawer, one of the secondary characteristics, has moved, along with some of the art supplies and half the barong, the other two, and my toiletries are sort of inching over, sometimes being ferried back and forth. Soon enough…

ETA: Hey, look! Behold the flapalope horde (which needs to have a few specimens edited out, for the sake of efficiency…) 

*The cats being the other great definer.

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