Whew. Hard to get the ‘ol brain back into work mode! The con whirl last month takes me out of reality for a bit, what with all the frantic prep and the con itself, and last week, between the holiday and Carlota being in town, I had no ability to get back to it, beyond doing a little work on some pending commissions and some editing work on Black Dogs 2.

And now it’s Monday, July, and nearly noon, and it’s time to kick my ass back into gear and return to Life As I Know It. Owing to custody schedules and work and whatnot, I have a week mostly apart from my beloved

and the only way to survive THAT is to work like a dog. And play a lot of video games. And commit a few other acts I’m not discussing on a blog that it turns out his relatives read, (Hi, guys!)*

Okay. Work. Work hard. Get brain in work. Yes. We can do this. We will do this. We…want to cleeeeeean…and unpack….and do laundry….no. Work first.

Okay, mail first, and get lunch. Then work. Yes.

Does anybody else have to talk their brain into functioning like this?

*Seriously, you haven’t lived until you’re in the middle of a very pleasant pool party and your boyfriend’s uncle starts ragging you about nomadic underwear in the laptop bag…

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