Still Not Dead!


Just had a downright idyllic long weekend…cookout, party, dim sum brunch, shopping, a little intensive cleaning (enough to take the edge off my Cleaning PMS, although tomorrow I will probably tear my apartment in twain and put it back together again.) and a very pleasant evening spent lounging around with Kevin, reading our respective books, drinking extremely potent martinis, and then watching movies and snarking drunkenly. It was fabulous.

And now I’m home–alas, alone, for the first time in ten days. And this is a bit of a bummer. (How did the time go that fast!?) So I have eaten much comfort food and may now go take a hot bubble bath with a Diane Wynne Jones novel and some ice tea.

And possibly a pack of Everlasting Gobstoppers, because damnit, that’s just how I roll.

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