People, I love ya. You know I love ya.

However, I do not need any more spam about the so-called “Orphaned Art Act.” I know you mean well. I know it sounds all scary and like Congress is going to come and take our art.

They aren’t, and it isn’t. We’ll ignore all the legal ramifications, because it’s too bloody early and that’s a long debate, and settle on the really important point–namely that THE BILL DOES NOT EXIST.

Everything referenced is from the 2005-2006 legislative session. There is no current bill. Anything resembling such a bill died in committee years ago. This is not something you need to freak out about right now. Somebody on the internet, where NOTHING EVER DIES, found it and maybe didn’t read the date and decided this was a current threat, and now I’m getting spam about it from earnest, well meaning people who are understandably concerned about their art.

Relax. It’s not happening. You can check the public record and find that there are no such bills currently before Congress.

It’s gonna be okay. Really.

/public service announcement

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