A good coupla days here!

Went out to Chapel Hill Comics last night for the show opening of a couple of my webcomics peeps, which was great, except that I should not be allowed anywhere near a comic shop when I am broke, it is BAD, and then today was the Wecomics Coffee Clatch.

My dear booth-bouncer

was in town as part of her epic quest to try and track down saltwater fish. Over the Clatch lunch, she turned a gimlet eye on me and said “You’ve lost weight in the last two weeks.”

“I have? Well, I AM down to a size 8 officially now…”

And that’s how I wound up with strawberry chocolate cheesecake plunked down in front of me. Darn.

However, that leads to the next thought, which is that she has a brilliant idea for 4 x 6 mini-prints, to be sold for a very reasonable price ($3-5, say) as con exclusives.* So there’d be like a HeroesCon 2008 mini-print, an Anthrocon 2008 mini-print, and so forth. The premise is that they’d be inexpensive, easy to collect, and you can slide them into a standard photo-book, which are cheap as all heck and easily available. So if you’re a fan, you can roam a con and collect the mini-print for that con from all your favorite webcomics people (and I’ll expand that to say that it might be really slick for artists in general to offer.) Somewhere between the sketchbook and buying standard prints, but cheaper and more collectible than either.

I’m definitely gonna try it for a couple of cons–I got this book of modern rock posters in and have been dying to do something in that style, and sending Red Wombat on tour seems like a great notion.

May also try something of the sort for Free Comic Book Day (May 3rd) although not having a free comic book to offer, I might just give ’em away. (Looks like I may be at a comic shop in Burlington for that–details as they come.) We’ll see what the overhead is like.

Anyway, if anybody else wants to get in on this idea, jump on it! Might work, might not, but hey, it’d be a cool little thingy, and the more the merrier!

Also, it would appear that the Coffee Clatch is gonna be on “The State of Things” next month, a show on NPR–there’ll be a podcast, yes–and will feature our fearless leader Mckenzee, yours truly, and Stephanie from the Dada Detective. She claims she’ll be tongue-tied, I have this tendency to swear when I’m nervous, and I also am a total NPR junkie and may freak out and throw my panties at the recording booth containing Frank Stasio, and Mckenzee swears he’s gonna find a way to make me explain/defend furry live on the radio, so really, it should be interesting, in that “fifty-car-pile-up” kinda way.

Details as they happen!

*Yes, yes, I’d probably e-bay one or two for the rabid collector…

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