Whew! Okay, receipts all added and numbers crunched and anguished gakking noises made…we’ll find out the REAL damage tomorrow.

Had a fun evening partying with Jason & crew last night, got to see Kevin fall prey to the Green Fairy this time (unlike me, he did not need to be poured into the car, but he was definitely feelin’ no pain…) and this morning got the last tax bits ironed out before I take them to my trusty tax weasel.

And there’s a man wearing a bathrobe sitting on my couch, hard at work on his laptop, which just makes me generally happy.

Meanwhile, the news round up!

In potential awesomeness, it appears that Diamond, the comics distributer, may possibly be picking up Digger, which would mean that you could order the print volume at your local comic shop. (You can’t yet, but more news if/when it develops.)

New EMG-zine, in which I ramble frantically about con prep.

I showed up in the Devil’s Panties yesterday (or at least the anecdote I told about the weirdest complaint I ever got did!)

And new art!

A Fish For Eve

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