And another thing….

I had this purse. It was black, lots of silver rings and buckles and whatnot, lots of places to attach pens and lights and so forth, which I need because otherwise they go missing.

I say “had” because a few days back, Ben decided to claim it for his own in the vocabulary of tomcats everywhere. Possibly he was feeling insecure since he’s been ill, maybe he smelled other cats on it since it had been spending some time at Kevin’s House ‘O Feline Rescue…hard to say. He’s generally very good about not doing that, so I couldn’t get too mad. The end result was not pretty, though, and there’s just no damn way to get cat urine out of leather–I tried a number of solutions, with no luck. (Meanwhile, Ben was sleeping on the thing. Apparently my very manly cat likes purses.)

So yesterday I think “Okay, need a new purse. I will duck out to the mall and grab a new one, it’ll take ten minutes, I’ll be on my way.”

*pause to allow female readers to have a hearty laugh*


Purse shopping is…not easy. Particularly if you’re cheap. The last one cost me twenty bucks, and I liked it fine, but unfortunately they were out of that model. So then I wandered into another department store–Hudson Belk or something–and they had more purses than I’ve seen in a month of Sundays, including things that I could not imagine anyone willingly slinging over their arm, and things that were just about large enough to carry chapstick, provided it was SMALL chapstick, and every possible variation of fake croc skin that could be devised, including one that had zebra stripes.

It was scary. And it went on forever, sort of like the last scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Then I found one that was just about perfect, and looked at the price tag, and there were a whole BUNCH of numbers and the first one was a five.

I put it back, hyperventilating quietly to myself–people spend HOW MUCH on purses!?–and slunk back to the area with the 50% off signs.

Anyway, I found one at last–not as cool as the last one, but a nice elegant black leather, fairly subdued, room for binoculars and sketchbook and so forth–for under thirty bucks, but jesus christ on a pony…

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